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Storelli Shin Guard Review: Are they the best?

How many times has your son/daughter come home from a soccer game, remove their shin guards and you wince as you see the number of bruises up and down their legs?  If so, you are going to love the amazing protection that Storelli Bodyshield LegGuards 2.0 provide with no additional weight or bulk.  Let me

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Portable soccer goals comparison

Bownet versus Golme versus Pugg Goal portable soccer goal comparison:   Being involved with youth soccer I’ve set up and taken down portable goals hundreds if not thousands of times.  I have done it in the rain, wind, and cold so bad I couldn’t feel my fingers.  With all this experience with these three manufacturers,

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5 Products every soccer parent needs

After being a soccer parent and coach for more than a decade, I have researched and used just about every product available that might help make viewing a game more enjoyable and comfortable, as well as products to help players stay safe and develop.  Some of these products were epic fails, but others have

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