Storelli Shin Guard Review: Are they the best?

How many times has your son/daughter come home from a soccer game, remove their shin guards and you wince as you see the number of bruises up and down their legs?  If so, you are going to love the amazing protection that Storelli Bodyshield LegGuards 2.0 provide with no additional weight or bulk.  Let me stay right off the bat, these are the best shin guards for youth or adult soccer players on the market for many reasons.

As you can see in the picture, they look like a sock with a stirrup, but offer so much more…

When you pick one up the first thing you’ll notice is how light they are.  They truly weigh about the same as a sock (2.4 oz).  The next thing you’ll notice is all the built in padding in all the places a typical shin guard misses.  The whole outside of your lower leg and what most players like the most… ANKLE PROTECTION!  There is nothing more painful than a hard kick to your ankle bone.  I have seen the toughest of soccer players limp off the field when kicked in the ankle.  No more with Storelli Leg Guards which use a very thin but strong pad to reduce the impact.

The other reason I think these are the best shin guards is how well they secure the shin guard itself.  I can’t believe how many players are still using the old sock style shin guards.  Players are constantly fussing with them.  It seems like they move out of position with every tackle.  I’ve even seen them fall completely out of their sock in the middle of the field!  Storelli’s do an amazing job holding the shin guard in place.  

They are made of a very lightweight material that wicks away moisture.  That is a great feature for those games in the rain.  It’s nearly impossible to keep typical sock style shin guards up when they are waterlogged and heavy from being soaking wet.  Not so with the Storelli’s.  They play exactly the same in any weather.

Some people ask me whether the padding gets in the way of soccer cleats/boots.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t.  They even work well with sock cleats.  They fit perfectly under your soccer socks and show no additional bulges or bulk.  Nobody will even know you have extra protection.

They have sizes for both youth and adult players and they work well for both boys and girls.  

One of the two criticisms I have are that they do NOT come with the actual shin guard insert.  You need to buy that seperately.  The Storellis are only the sock/sleeve the shin guard will be placed into.  My other criticism is that you do need to be a little more careful putting them on than a standard shin guard.  They are made of a thin but strong material, but if you are constantly pulling them from the very top while pushing your foot away with all your might eventually they will rip.  That being said, I do know club players that have used the same pair for two years or more.

If you are looking for the best soccer shin guard for the money this is it.  Although they are slightly pricier than standard shin guards, most people are amazed that they don’t cost more when they feel the quality of the product.  Please note that Storelli calls them their Bodyshield LegGuard 2.0 in case you can’t find them.

Bottom line is Storelli makes the most protective and best shin guard you can buy for youth or adult players and gets a 10/10 from SoccerHotSpot.

Storelli has a terrific reputation for using the latest sports science and technology to create protective gear for all sports.  They recently released a concussion headband called the Exoshield Head Guard that is getting terrific reviews and has been tested by 3rd parties that concluded it does reduce the force of impact in covered areas. Something that is important to protect soccer players with concussions.  I will be reviewing it in the near future.

If you are interested in either the shin guards or concussion headband please click on the Amazon links below.  

Do you agree with my review?  Leave a comment below!  – SoccerHotSpot




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